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The 404 350: Where we'll soon be swimming with the fishes

Today we chat about 4chan's porn spamming of YouTube, Jitterbug recalls, and whether or not Wilson is a full-blown Apple fanboy.


Today the truth comes out. As if we didn't know it already, Wilson Tang is officially an Apple fanboy. Find out how he shows his true colors when he and Jeff get into a heated debate over the company.

It seems that 4chan helped create a porn spam on YouTube a few days ago, forcing the company to scramble to take down the illicit videos. Is there anything that community can't do?

Next it's on to an infamous 404 topic, the Jitterbug. Apparently the cell phone designed for ease of use by senior citizens is being recalled due to coverage issues.

Now please enjoy the latest batch of 404 logo submissions, sent in by our incredibly talented listenership. Make sure you send in your submission as well! Get it over to the404 [at] cnet [dot] com right away!


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