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The 404 340: Where Wilson was smart enough not to come to work today

Molly Wood joins the show today and we chat about the reappearance of the Montauk Monster, foot makeup, and fake IMAX theaters.

Molly Wood joins us on today's show and we chat about various undesirables from around the Internet. First, it's the return of the Montauk Monster, everyone's favorite gnarled-up, indecipherable creature who occasionally washes up on the shores of eastern Long Island. Is this a real animal or some hoax that is running out of steam?

Ever want to cover up that unsightly foot fungus with something other than a sock? Well, we've got the product for you: foot makeup. We chat with Molly about this bizarre invention and whether or not any of us can tolerate staring at a foot for more than 10 seconds.

Also on today's 404, we talk about a movie theater that is faking IMAX showings and charging $5 extra for tickets. Is IMAX worth the extra cash, or is it nothing but a scoliosis-inducing activity?

All this, plus Calls From the Public and the defending of Wilson Tang on today's 404!


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