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The 404 337: Where Dan Levy makes it rain

Our good friend Dan Levy from OntheDLPodcast joins us to talk about Blogs With Balls, refurbished MacBooks, Wikipedia hoaxes, and hostile bloggers.

Wilson Tang/CNET
Our good friend Dan Levy from OntheDLPodcast joins our show today in our studio and witnesses the first-ever live 404 unboxing! Justin's choice to buy a refurbished Macbook Pro turns out to be the right decision after all.

We then talk with Dan about various stories from around the Internet, including one out of Dublin, in which a student's fake Wikipedia edit actually wound up in newspapers as legitimate! This leads us into a a discussion of proposed legislation that would make it basically illegal to slander someone online. Isn't that what the Internet was created for?

All this and more, plus Calls from the Public on today's show! Also, make sure to check out Blogs With Balls if you're interested in the just-as-nerdy sports blogosphere.

Sorry to those looking for today's video stream--a few technically difficulties prevented us from uploading the video. We've got everything figured out and tomorrow we'll be back up on CNET TV!

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