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The 404 335: Where we get a wet rub from the Food Dude

On today's 404 the Food Dude Kevin Roberts joins us and gives us a taste of what's cooking from the Frank's Red Hot man himself.

Helen Magg
It's been almost a year since our favorite chef, the Food Dude Kevin Roberts, has graced The 404. Kevin has once again brought us the magic that is Frank's Red Hot and shows us the tech behind perfectly saucing a batch of chicken wings.

We chat with Kevin about some tips on eating well during these tough times and how shockingly easy it is to save money at the grocery store. Kevin also dishes out some of the dirt on his new sponsors and how his own show is in the works.

The second half of the show we dedicate to some questionable applications on the App Store. Trent Reznor is calling Apple the new Wal-Mart because of its questionable censorship practices regarding a Nine Inch Nails application. Next, we laugh at the idea of Sarah Palin on Twitter and Justin explains how your high school yearbook photo tells a lot more than just what was in style at the time.

We're still accepting Star Trek Photoshop submissions for a chance to see the film a day earlier with us in NYC! We've had a lot of great ones so far, so check out the competition below and be sure to send all of your creations to the404 [at] cnet [dot] com. As always, leave us a voicemail, 866-404-CNET.


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