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The 404 251: Where we're innocent when we dream

Steve Guttenberg joins the show today for the last official episode of 2008.

What better way to close out 2008 than with Steve Guttenberg in the studio? Steve joins Wilson, Caroline, and I to reflect back on a year of mostly upsetting news. We dive deep into Steve's twisted banana-pilfering dreams and try and figure out the man behind The Audiophiliac.

2008 may have been a terrible year for planet Earth, but it was a great one for The 404. We want to thank all of our dedicated listeners, fans, chatroom buddies, and anyone who has ever called or wrote in to the show. The 404 is nothing without you and we are incredibly grateful for all the feedback we get. Oh, and we're sorry if we ever offended you.

So sit back, relax, enjoy the last official episode of the year. Make sure you check out the "minisodes" that'll show up over the break and feel free to leave voice mails while we're gone! Our next show will be January 5, and then we're off to CES 2009 with live episodes straight from the show!


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