The 404 240: Where we can't find the CNET holiday party

CNET Holiday Party NOT FOUND

After getting bad news about the death of this year's CNET holiday party, we wallow in sorrow for awhile but count our blessings that our two week vacation is still in tact. We move on to congratulate Logitech on their 1 billionth mouse and recommend a few of our favorite peripherals. We also wag a finger at Canada and unleash a horror story about their massacre of our beloved Sea Unicorn, the Narwhal. Shame on you, we thought you were better than us!

There are two very large problems that are tackled in today's episode. First one is the fact that our CNET holiday party has gone missing. What happened to it? It got canceled! Unbelievable, how is Wilson going to dip his pen in company ink now? We're still happy that we get to keep our extended holiday vacation though, so look forward to some exciting repeat episodes come Christmas. The next problem at hand here is the large scale massacre of the Narwhal perpetrated by our frenemies to the North. What the hell, Canada? The Sea Unicorn is, like, the most mythical creature we can actually see and you go and kill 500 of them? That's like killing Bigfoot and stuffing him in a refrigerator, it's just irresponsible. Your report card isn't looking so good either, friends...first the beheading, then the Saskatoon, now the Narwhals? What would the B-52s think? Let's pour one out for our underwater friends we've lost in this horrible display of inhumanity. :( x 10!


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