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The 404 200: Where 200 is too many

Woohoo! 200 episodes! We didn't think it was possible either. We celebrate by talking with the beautiful and talented Natali Del Conte about drunk emailing and poisonous "White Rabbits." We also kick off a contest: Choose NDC's Halloween costume! Also, lo

This country is in a bad way. Stocks are plummeting, people love Sarah Palin and The 404 made it to 200 episodes. We celebrate this momentous occasion with the beautiful and talented Natali Del Conte. Between the poisonous Chinese candy and steamy Calls from the Public, we're sure you'll laugh, chortle, chuckle, or otherwise plotz.

REMINDER: The 200th episode celebration continues this Friday at 6:30 p.m. at GSTAAD located on 26th Street and 6th Avenue. Be there or Dan the Mantern will beat you down!

On today's show, we made a startling discovery about NDC, this poor, poor chile has never participated in a great American tradition: Trick or treating. Because we love her, and we know you do too (so stop drooling), we're going to make sure she has a great Halloween experience. We invite you to enter the Choose Conte's Costume Contest. We're not sure what the prize will be, but there are a number of fantastic video games strewn across Jeff's desk. Ground rules: Nothing you wouldn't want to see your mother/sister wear. Also, the geekier the better (cuz that's how NDC roles). Good luck!


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