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The 404 197: Where nobody wants a new DSi

After two days of meals with his relatives, Jeff's back and brings more haterade to the show than ever before. We talk about the mediocrity of the new Nintendo DSi, Wii HD, angsty superheroes and a new outcome of the financial crisis: a home for $1.75 on

We hope you're thirsty because Jeff is back on the show today and everyone is soaking wet with haterade. He hates on the new Nintendo DSi and the Wii, he hates on the upcoming Robin TV show, he hates on Jack Black, he even hates on his poor, innocent co-hosts. How ironic that the chat room had an unusually large crowd today.

Dan the Mantern here. Also on today's show, Wilson gushes about his love for Google. Perhaps he has "employment envy," but Wilson is really into the Goog. With Google's new plan to save the world by eliminating fossil fuels, the search engine goliath has reached a new level of ballsiness. Don't get me wrong, we all love our ubiquitous search box. I mean, what would the world be like without the power to know anything in less than .00001 seconds? But isn't anyone else afraid of an organization that stores mountains of data about people's Internet habits, purchasing habits, emails, personal calendars and, soon, telephone conversations? It's not what they do with the information, it's what they could do with it that makes me paranoid, like telling everyone how many times Justin watched the Mini-me sex tape. Look, I'm not going to cancel gmail or stop using Google, I'm just sounding off. Besides, as long as the search term "The 404" brings you to this blog, I think I can live.


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