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The 404 180: Where we've come for your daughter, Chuck

Listen to win a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 for 360. Shocked, shocked! From the Xbox 360 relaunch rumor to Will Smith as... Captain America? As always, we dish on mostly unfounded rumors.

It's all about rumors today, and a contest to win Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09! We want to give you a copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 for Xbox 360. All you have to do is make us laugh. Leave us a voicemail or send in an mp3 in that oh-so-soft golf announcer voice. Four! Oh four!

Speaking of nines, today is the ninth anniversary of a fateful day in gamer history: The launch of Sega Dreamcast. Dan the Mantern here. Does anyone else remember the hype surrounding September 9th, 1999? It was bigger than Y2K. I did not get a Dreamcast, but I recall being ridiculously jealous of my friends who did. You may disagree, but Dreamcast was a dope system. With quirky fighters like Power Stone, games like Shenmue and Phantasy Star Online to satisfy RPG nuts and just the right amount of the blue hedgehog, how was Dreamcast such a failure? Was it released too soon or too late? Was it bad marketing? Too much hype? Talk amongst yourselves while I wait in line for the opening of Sam Jackson's latest: Snakes on a Cul-de-Sac.


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