The 404 154: Where we eat wasabi peas for breakfast

On the show today: Linda Nguyen from, dirty door-to-door Verizon salesmen, weekend box office hits and misses, and guest call-in from Lou Bakalar!

On the show today: Linda Nguyen from Chickipedia, dirty door-to-door Verizon salesmen, weekend box office hits and misses, and guest call-in from Lou Bakalar!

Why do all of our most exciting shows happen on Fridays? Could be because everyone's in a great mood today, instead of just Wilson. Or maybe it's because we actually managed to con two females into joining the show today. Alex, aka A-Rod, plays team Mom for the day and brings us cookies to munch on and Linda Nguyen from Break Media jumps on the mic and shows us, the world's first user-generated database of fine lookin' ladies. Our own Natali Del Conte and Veronica Belmont are both featured on the site! They've got almost 1,000 girls on this wiki-based site where you can check out a ton of interesting statistics on your favorite females. Definitely worth checking out!

Ultimate creep status

So, the first and only story we talk about today (Fridays are hectic, dude) comes to us from a publication in Delaware, who reported on a story about a door-to-door Verizon salesman that was caught masturbating behind a tree looking at one of his customers in her garden! Definitely not something that we recommend you do on a sunny afternoon, but some helpful advice for those of you that decide to go this route: if the person you're looking at sees you checking her out, put the snake back in the cage and run away! Don't just stand there with your pants around your ankles while the cops come and lock you up for your way too obviously lewd act!

So here's what happened in the second half of the show. We played a few calls from the public and get into a discussion about how Asians are portrayed in film, (come on, three Asian people in the studio? This was a one-time opportunity!) when all of a sudden the studio phone starts to ring, and it's none other than everyone's favorite father Lou Bakalar! That's right, Lou has a bone to pick with his ungrateful spawn of a son for standing him up last Friday when he was supposed to be on the show. Had Wilson and I known about that, we would've reminded him but Jeff conveniently "forgot" to mention his appearance. Anyway, Lou comes on and fills us in on the latest tech news, including a really interesting story about people hacking taxi computers to gain access to credit card numbers! All the more reason to ride a bike, right Lou? *duck*

Hope you guys like guests, we have almost every day of next week booked! Wilson will be absent on Monday and Tuesday, but A-Rod had the genius idea to record a Wilson Tang laugh track, so look forward to hearing that nonstop for the next two shows. Have a great weekend piglets!

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