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The 404 152: Where Natali does not do it in <i>Second Life</i>

On the show today: Natali Del Conte, Sex and the Second Life, star crossed robotics, beer theft in gay bars.

On the show today: Natali Del Conte, Sex and the Second Life, star crossed robotics, beer theft in gay bars, Drank drink - "Slow Your Roll," Cluck the MPAA, and don't forget about our 404-Dark Knight Meetup TONIGHT at 7:15 at the Clearview Chelsea Theater on twenty-third street. Get there early to help us reserve a row! Seriously, if four listeners show up I'm going to throw a temper tantrum, fist pounding on the pavement and all.

Natali Del Conte joins us on today's show to talk about her spot on the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet where she met a dude that makes suits with built-in feelers designed to stimulate sexual encounters in Second Life! First of all, Second Life is sooo 2002. Second, I'm about to puke. Watch the video and listen to the garbage coming out of this dude's mouth, and his WIFE! Oh god, his wife. This woman has deluded herself to the point where she actually believes that virtual sex ain't cheating! Natali also showed me, hilarious. This is sort of similar to the reason why I don't play video games. They're such time suckers! I just can't get over the fact that I could be doing a million other productive things. To me, video games are an awkward middle ground between watching TV (completely inactive) and going outside and actually doing something (totally active).

We spend a lot of time on Second Life but the whole pseudo-sex suit story segues swell into the Heart Robot, a little three foot tall robot designed to look and feel like a small child. The inventor of this thing said it's supposed to bring an emotional connection back to robotics and maybe even encourage people to "warm up" to robots that normally would steer clear. Personally, I think this little guy would be more easier to embrace, both literally and figuratively, if it wasn't GAWD AWFUL HIDEOUS. I mean really, this thing looks like a demon-child spawn of Jack Skellington and E.T., complete with disturbingly long fingers and a skull shaped head. Oh yeah, it also doesn't have eyes...just sockets. Uhh, back to the drawing board, dudes, this time make something that doesn't evoke images of the Children of the corn.

Later on down the line, we also chat about the newest drink to hit the streets, only it ain't no's DRANK! Confused yet? Explanation: The name comes from the term "Purple Drank," a term popularized in the South by hip-hop slang, according to The Consumerist by way of Wikipeda. Dave Chappelle also does an awesome stand-up routine about it. Anyway, Drank is dubbed the antienergy drink that contains several ingredients designed to "slow your roll," a phrase that just happens to be the motto of their advertising campaign. So when you're all hepped up on goofballs and Jager Red Bulls, pop a can of Drank and chill the eff out. This is essentially the poor man's boxed wine, although $3 a can isn't exactly a cheap way to hit the lights.

These are the three main stories that we discuss on today's show, but we also rag on the MPAA for their lack of an objective rating system (they recently gave Kevin Smith's new movie an NC-17 rating for sexual activity), Jeff gives us a lesson in Darwinism ("Go kill yourself"), and I relay a story out of Harlotsville about two jocktastic brodudes that somehow found themselves arrested for stealing beer out of a gay bar. Big surprise: they said they had no idea the bar was gay. Could one of these jocks be our own Bill aka FAKE BLIND GUY?!


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