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The 404 1,505: Where we unravel our hiero-gif-ic history with Giphy (podcast)

We talk with Tyler Menzel from, a GIF repository for every emotion in the scope of human (and feline) expression. We'll show our favorite GIFs, and the creative ways GIFs are changing how we communicate.

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Episode 1,505

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Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Check out, a database with virtually every reaction GIF available on the Internet.

- Here's a GIF of Tyler and I after the show!

- CNN teams up with Tumblr and Giphy for town hall meeting with Hillary Clinton on June 17th.

- Here's how Giphy lets you post GIFs to Facebook.

- Giphy supports its network of in-house artists at

- Giphy launches GIF link shortener for social.

- Follow Giphy's Editorial Director Tyler Menzel on Twitter!


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