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The 404 1,486: Where we enlist citizen superheroes (podcast)

An app that enlists the help of CPR-certified citizens to help in local emergencies, proof that the Supreme Court knows squat about technology, the Tesla museum will soon become reality, what we can learn from putting an Oculus Rift on a chicken, and more!

We have so much to learn from putting an Oculus Rift on a chicken.

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- An app that finds CPR-certified citizens in the cloud to help in times of need.

- Proof that the U.S. Supreme Court is in no position to be talking about tech...what is "Netflick?"

- Elon Musk is helping our buddy Matt Inman make the Tesla museum a reality.

- What can we learn from putting an Oculus Rift on a chicken?

- Next week, 100 surveillance cameras will secretly monitor Berlin for the next century for art.

Episode 1,487

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Episode 1,486

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