The 404 1,458: Where we're glad it's not the Amazon Fire Tube (podcast)

Amazon throws their Fire streaming video box into the ring, a camera for pervy creepshots getting well-funded on Indiegogo, a brand new Homestar Runner cartoon after four years of radio silence, and there's a disease spreading on Tinder!


Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- CNET reviews the Amazon Fire TV : a $99 streaming box promising better search, performance, and gaming.

- Couch games: $39.99 Amazon Fire Game Controller aims to win over the home crowd.

- This Indiegogo-funded camera for pervy smartphone creepshots is well into production.

- The only reason to talk about April Fools: Homestar Runner just got an update.

- Astroturfing robots invade Tinder!

Episode 1,458


Episode 1,458

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