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The 404 140: Where you can win a non-date with Natali Del Conte to see The Dark Knight

Natali Del Conte scored an extra ticket to an exclusive IMAX screening of the Dark Knight tomorrow night, so we're holding a contest to see who gets it: just send a haiku about Natali and Loaded to or record it on a voice mail to 1-866-404

What could possibly be better than seeing The Dark Knight, the highly anticipated sequel to Batman Begins?

How about a non-date with the host of CNET's Loaded, Natali Del Conte!!! The guys at The 404 have scored a single "golden ticket" to an exclusive IMAX screening of The Dark Knight tomorrow night (that's Tuesday, July 15, 2008) at 8:30 p.m.

So what do you have to do to win? Listen to day's episode of The 404! And send a haiku about Natali and Loaded to or record it on a voice mail to 1-866-404-CNET. We'll choose a winner on tomorrow's show! Remember two things: it's a non-date (listen to today's show for more details) and entries must be received before tomorrow's show. Good luck!

Also, on today's show, we spout about our "appearance" on Fox News, release an exclusive secret about this year's Rock Band concert at E3, briefly touch on the iPhone release, and look into a new and innovative form of police brutality. Special appearances by Bill Cosby, Space Beer Guy, and a genital herpes commercial.

Episode 140

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