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The 404 1,375: Where we lift the curtain on our new studio (podcast)

Do yourself a favor and watch the video for today's episode because we're broadcasting from our new studio! We'll show off our Halloween costumes, tell you about the first ticket for driving with Google Glass, demo the Pax Ploom vaporizer, and more!


Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Woman gets ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving.

- Mercedes integrates navigation system with Google Glass.

- Coming soon to a Google Glass near you: Mono earbuds!

- Motorola unveils Project Ara for custom smartphones.

- Book encodes modern culture into binary patterns as time capsule for the future.

- Pax by Ploom: a more elegant smoking device for a civilized age.

- Horror-inducing Halloween masks portray the effects of smoking.

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Episode 1,375

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