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The 404 1,312: Where we can't bear to look (podcast)

Fair warning: this episode features terrifying images of Teddy Ruxpin bears powered by Arduino microcontrollers. BEARDUINOS, Scientists absolve food photos, Groupon picks up Ciara's new album, and the perfect storm of Google keywords to bring the government to your doorstep.

Flickr user: Chachijones

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- What to Google to get the government to show up at your house.

- Science says posting food photos on Instagram makes it tastier.

- Groupon is definitely the strangest place you can buy the new Ciara album.

- Check out samples from ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's album "Hardly Workin'."

- Lady Gaga to release free ARTPOP app to coincide with album.

- BearDuino: Hacking Teddy Ruxpin with Arduino.

- Several varieties of nope: 80 Teddy Ruxpin dolls hanging on the wall reading personal blogs from the Internet.

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