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The 404 1286: Where we're tired of zombies (podcast)

We're getting some international love today as GameSpot Australia's Dan Chiappini chimes in today about the current state of gaming post-E3.

How about listener Orlando's Call of Duty: Black Ops II: 404 emblem? Orlando S.

On today's show we're welcoming Dan Chiappini from GameSpot Australia along with 404 veteran Scott Stein. We'll briefly recap Scott's time down at WWDC but then get right into some more E3 talk where we make Scott feel jealous about missing what was probably the biggest E3 in something like seven years. Dan think he knows why Nintendo refuses to open its "vault" of games and we all wonder how the company can rebound from a bleak E3 showing.

We're also chatting about the mundane abundance of shooters at E3, the lack of innovation, and which games actually piqued our interest.

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