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The 404 1,197: Where we are who we said we were (podcast)

MTV is sending out a casting call to all you lonely weirdos out there with longstanding online relationships, but tune into today's episode before you go--you may dodge a brutal Catfishing.

Jeff hasn't finished complaining about last year's Retina Display iPad yet and Apple went ahead and announced a new 128-gigabyte model for $799. But wait, haven't we been getting beaten in the head with Apple's cloudcentric messaging for the last two years? Why the push for local storage all of a sudden?

In pop culture news, we'll spend some of the first half talking about mistaken identities through the Internet and the "Catfish" show on MTV that just wrapped up its first season.

Some critics accused the episodes of being staged (like the film it was based on), but a casting application for Season 2 at least proves that the stories are staged at most, not entirely made up.

Finally, let's talk for a minute about JJ Abrams directing Star Wars Episode VII.

Last week, Disney and Lucasfilm confirmed that the next Star Wars film would be released in 2015, but we won't be standing in line for its release. Tune in to hear why no subsequent films in the series will ever compare to the original trilogy.

Bathroom break video: Yin Yang Twins and Bubba Sparxxx present "Under the Booty"

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