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The 404 1,196: Where we get locked up for unlocking (podcast)

Today's top story: Microsoft throws a Hail Mary to the Internet with an ad for Internet Explorer 10 that ties in the worst trends of the 90s.


Microsoft assumes you probably haven't used an Internet Explorer browser since the mid-1990s, and the company's latest commercial for IE10 takes us all back to those awkward times with a montage of '90s nostalgia that includes slap bracelets, Oregon Trail, LA Gear Lights, and Tamogotchis. We're not sure how any of those items are supposed to lure us away from Firefox or Chrome, but check it out anyway.

We knew it was only a matter of time before a 6-second clip of hardcore porn made its way to the Twitter Vine, but we never expected it to come from Twitter itself--a nasty clip was featured for a short time on Vine's "Editor's Choice" pick list. Granted, it's not the first instance of adult content on the new social video service.

With Vine's TOS giving users creative freedom to access its service, an unfiltered stream of dirty hashtags is already building out on VineRoulette. Then again, who the hell wants to watch porn for only six seconds?

Other stories leaked from today's episode:

- Will China end its 13-year ban on video game consoles?

- Google accidentally indexes 8,000 publicly available printers.

- Don't forget, it's illegal to unlock your phone now.

- Wi-Fi on school buses credited for curbing bad behavior.

Bathroom break video: Beatboxing goat.

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