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The 404 1,143: Where Justin spent way too much on dinner (podcast)

Jeff's visited the Bay a few times, but he's still blissfully ignorant about San Francisco's love affair with the naked body. From Bay to Breakers to the Folsom Street Fair, and of course, the Castro district on Halloween, join us as we run down all the places to find public nudity in San Francisco, and why Supervisor Weiner is trying to shut it down.


Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Fat fingers to blame for upping mobile ad clicks.

- Andreessen Horowitz invests $15 million in Web site Rap Genius.

- San Francisco's Weiner tries to ban exposed genitals.

- How New Yorkers can beat Time Warner's bullish modem rental fee.

Look who showed up at the Justin Bieber concert! (courtesy of The 404 SubReddit)

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Episode 1,143

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