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The 404 1,134: Where it's safe to drink the water (podcast)

Today we'll cover the iOS 6 post-apocalypse and the users' reaction to the Apple's new Maps application -- what'd they do with the Statue of Liberty!? We'll also watch a Fox 5 NY broadcast of the wrong iPhone, the Internet Archive's new TV News database, and the first Super Mario level 3D-printed as a Mobius strip. How do you type an umlaut?

Leon Reid IV's iPhone 6

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Amid weak reviews of Apple Maps, Google offers alternative.

- iOS 6 Maps has a bit of a ways to go.

- Apple Maps shows a post-Cloverfield NY, sans Lady Liberty.

- Fox 5 NY broadcasts fake iPhone 5 concept video

- Internet Archive launches TV News search database.

- First level from Super Mario printed as a Mobius strip.

- MakerBot revamps Replicator 3D printer, adds retail store.

- Low Latency No. 38: The waiting game.

Bathroom break video: DMX's first encounter with Google.

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Episode 1,134

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