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The 404 1,132: Where we're waiting in line for the iPhone Whatever (podcast)

The iPhone 5 drops this Friday, and like clockwork, there's already a few desperate souls in line grabbing for their two-minute media hit. This year, it's mostly PR campaigners and publicity mongers, so we'll talk to Bridget about her experience covering past Apple launches as well as the stories of the day, including a purse that charges your phone, summer travel trends using Google Maps, and how to get personal empowerment through social media.

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Apple lines are party time...for a night or two.

- Everpurse fashionably charges smartphones.

- Google Maps shows how we spent our summer vacations.

- Missouri University correlates social-media success to self-esteem.

Bathroom break video: Remote-control rat pranks New Yorkers.

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Episode 1,132


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