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The 404 1,119: Where we exit through the gift shop (podcast)

What happens to your digital media after you die? It's a morbid topic, but someone has to cover it! We'll also meet a group of citizen journalists in L.A. obsessed with listening to police scanners and watch in delight as the Internet roasts the geniuses at Bic that came up with pens made "specifically for women."

Reddit user: makbulletproof

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Who inherits your iTunes library? Why your digimedia may go to the grave.

- Meet a group of journalists in L.A. who share a passion for listening to police scanners.

- Bic geniuses who unveiled pen made for women get roasted by Internet.

- Let us not forget that Apple and Samsung are in bed.

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Episode 1,119


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