The 404 1,105: Where we light the future (podcast)

Sal Cangeloso from joins us in the studio for a crash course on LED lighting.

Sal Cangeloso of and the author of "LED Lighting: A Primer to Lighting the Future." The 404/CNET
As an expert on the subject of LED lighting, Sal Cangeloso of helps us understand the challenges facing early adopters of the technology, the cost and performance advantages of LED bulbs, and the creative ways that people are using them, from the Occupy movement to the opening ceremony at the London Olympics.

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Check out Sal's book, "LED Lighting: A Primer to Lighting the Future."

- Follow Sal on Twitter.

- How to make your own LED throwies.

- LED lights shine at the London Olympic opening ceremonies.

- LED wallpaper is the nerd's ultimate nightlight.

Bathroom break video: General Mills antigay protest goes wrong.


Episode 1,105


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