The 404 1,104: Where we forget the dial tone (podcast)

Today we'll book our tickets to the next night at Club Applebee's, brainstorm the sneaky new ways students are using tech to cheat, discuss a Kickstarter campaign to throw a convention for gay gamers, and more.

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- New technology lets students cheat more than ever.

- America's hottest late-night club is Applebee's; photographic evidence.

- Crazy message left on a broken airplane wing.

- Homosexual gamers to hold a "Gaymer" convention.

- Not having a Facebook profile now makes you "suspicious."

- Panasonic ErgotFit headphones cost $5, sound like $50.

- Bathroom break video: Everybody hurts.

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Episode 1,105


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