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The 404 1,103: Where our crime is that of Curiosity (podcast)

Bridget Carey is on the show today, where we try and wrap our heads around the fact that we've sent a robot to the Martian surface. Plus, we'll look at the first headphones for cats, how to pack an emergency drive, an over-the-top Batcave home theater, and a story about the worst word currently in the English language.


Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Sol Republic introduces headphones for cats.

- Digipacking: what to put on your emergency flash drive.

- Literally the worst word on the planet.

- How to use psychological tactics to avoid strangers on the bus.

- eBay testing same-day delivery service for iOS called eBay now.

- One percenter turns home theater into Nolan's Batcave.

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Episode 1,103

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