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The 404 1,076: Where you don't know you're beautiful (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Microsoft's secret four-year Xbox 720 road map leaked onto the Web, using Web browsing idiosyncrasies to gauge depression, CBS green lights a Draw Something game show pilot, and Jeff sees a movie he actually liked!

The Vauxhall Civic Society

Hope you're sitting down for this: Jeff actually has positive words about a movie he saw this weekend! Without giving away the surprise, suffice it to say that Jeff's complaints about the lack of creativity in film and his disgust with the movie-going experience disappeared for two hours on Friday.

In advance of Microsoft's mysterious press event today, we'll speculate what's in store for the software giant and how it could fit into the 56-page road map document that leaked over the weekend.

Could your Web surfing habits warn you about early signs of depression? A study publishing soon in the IEEE Technology and Society Magazine found a correlation between depression and the amount of activity on one's social networking profiles, which suggests that FOMO may be more of a serious affliction than we previously assumed.

Finally, CBS just commissioned a reality pilot for a new celebrity talk show based on the hugely successful OMGPOP game "Draw Something." Unfortunately, with hardly anyone still playing that game now, we have our reservations about its success.

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