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The 404 1,070: Where we fatten them up and move them out (podcast)

It's the last day of the CNET Minority Report and the topics are all over the place! We'll spend the first part of the episode discussing Bloomberg's sugary drink ban, then move onto creative computer cooling, paying for friends online, and a brief history of sneakers starring Kanye's Air Yeezy 2s.

We've arrived at the last episode of The 404 Minority Report, so we have an extra long show for you today starting with a long overdue discussion about Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban of 16 ounce sugary drinks in New York. He started with banning smoking in beaches and parks, then moved onto limiting trans fat in restaurant, and now he hopes to enact large-scale portion control of any sweet drinks more than16 ounces in bodegas and street carts.

No word yet on how this will affect Big Gulps at the 100 7-11 stores opening up in the city this year, but we have questions about who will enforce the laws, how it will (or won't) change dietary habits, and whether or not Joseph will still have access to his 25.4 ounce Gatorade.

Last week we talked about a restaurant in Berkeley using active noise cancelling to lower the ambient volume, and now cooling manufacturer Noctua hopes to port the same idea over to the loud whirring sounds in desktop computers. As CNET's resident computer doctor and unapologetic tinkerer, Joseph give us a summary of the current trends in liquid cooling and the viability of signal processing in internal fans.

We'll also take a look at a new Web site hoping to bank on desperate social networkers by offering to "like" your Facebook status, watch your YouTube video, and follow you on Twitter...for a price, of course. Finally, we can't end this week without a brief history of sneakers culminating in Kanye's Yeezy 2s selling for an incredible $90,000 on eBay even before they were released!

Quick programming note: We won't have a live 404 show on Monday due to a special WWDC report from Brian Tong and Donald Bell, but check your feeds later in the day for the recorded episode. All the WWDC fun starts Monday 9 a.m. PT!

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