The 404 1,068: Where it's a small world (podcast)

Leaked from today's podcast episode: Richard takes on the vertical video epidemic, LinkedIn users get double trouble, and geriatrics choosing e-readers over paper books.

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The time has come for every Internet denizen to take a stand against the worst atrocity (and probably the biggest problem) on the Web: vertical videos. Big thanks to the puppets in this PSA spreading the word about Vertical Video Syndrome.

You can blame Flip video cameras, the ubiquity of videos shot with an iPhone, or just the tech-ignorance masses, but it has to stop. With the help of Ariel, Richard, and Joseph on today's episode, we all hope to put an end to the vertical video travesty.

LinkedIn has a bad case of the Wednesdays with two separate vulnerabilities that expose its users' sensitive information. Yesterday, a security firm discovered that the iOS app was sharing personal calendar information of users that opted to access their personal calendars within the app, and now we're learning that 6.5 million user accounts and passwords were compromised.

So what should you do if you're one of the accounts breached? Luckily the answer is simple: just change your password and don't choose a word that exists in the dictionary. Instead, make it a mix of number and letters that's at least six characters or longer, and maybe even change it on a monthly basis just in case. And Joseph volunteers his zipped-lip services if you want to send us an e-mail with all your collected passwords.

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Episode 1,068


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