The 404 1,067: Where tweets look better from behind (podcast)

The CNET Minority Report crew chats about a Chatroulette pivot, Microsoft's SmartGlass controller at E3, and breaking down desirability by e-mail domains on today's 404 show.

Tumblr user: Dance With Zombies

Years from now, when our children are grown, we'll tell them we were all online when a single Web site changed the way we use the Internet. Unfortunately, Chatroulette stumbled after racking up more than a million users thanks to a certain part of the male anatomy, but Napster co-founders Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning have teamed up again for a video-chat pivot called Airtime.

Though it's not ready for deployment yet, Airtime is already getting support from celebrities like Jim Carrey, Alicia Keys, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus who can't wait to start a random conversation with a Facebook user online. The service is different from Chatroulette in that it actually protects the eyeballs of its users from "vulgar behavior, sexually suggestive behavior, violence, and animal cruelty". In other words, nobody associated with The 404 will receive an beta invite.

Joseph Kaminski is back in the guest seat today and we'll spend the first segment of today's episode chatting about E3, tech shows, and a tweet from Asus that set off sexist alarms at Computex 2012.

After that, we'll look at a study from a new dating site that breaks down the attractiveness of its users by their e-mail services. It's no surprise that Gmailers get the most points, but tune in to find out which wild card skyrocketed the "other" domain choice a full 10 percent.

Bathroom break video: Reporter goes for a swim.

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Episode 1,067


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