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The 404 1,066: Where it's the CNET minority report (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: the usual suspects help kick off a week of Jeff-less shows while he's away at E3. With zero hockey and video game news to hold us back, we're chatting about a few offbeat stories from the weekend.

Tumblr user: Threeupandtwoacross

Joseph Kaminski, Ariel Nunez, and Richard Peterson all chime in as guest hosts on today's episode while Jeff fends off Kings fans at E3 this week, so don't forget to check out all of CNET's show coverage this week.

We'll wait on Jeff's return to go over all the gaming news going on, but in the meantime we'll check out a couple stories from today's rundown. Joey joins us today to lend his parenting experience to the rumor that Facebook might starting allowing kids under 13 to sign up for an account.

Kids won't be able to just do whatever they want, however -- they'll have restricted access that links their profile to a parent's so they can decide who gets friended, and who doesn't.

Jeff and I usually have to keep a finger on the censor button while Joseph's talking, but I'm taking a big risk today by letting him introduce a story he found about a dad in Arizona who's in trouble for creating a fake adult profile for the principal at his kid's middle school. Tune in for plot, the fallout, and Richard's story about his own capricious youth pranks.

After a quick break, we'll hear from some 404 listeners in Calls From the Public, and feel free to send us your own! I'm screening the voice mails all week in Jeff's absence, so you have about an 87 percent better chance of getting airtime!

Call us at 866-404-CNET or send a YouTube video voice mail to the404(at)CNET(dot)com.

Bathroom break video: Darth Vader gets snubbed by a NYC cop.

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Episode 1,066


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