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The 404 1,064: Where just enough is more (podcast)

Today's 404 show predicts the future of movie theaters, restaurants, graphic user interfaces, and social media spam.

Today's show title is the design credo of Milton Glaser, the celebrated designer responsible for turning the "I

That ethos is also the inspiration for today's discussion topic about Apple's "faux-real" user interfaces that Tom Hobbs at Fast Company believes is stunted by skeuomorphs, or elements of design that retain parts of its inspiration.

We'll look at how Apple's desire to show off the look of its products may be hindering its principal innovations, why the Amazon Kindle uses its own basic layout to create a more immersive environment for its readers, and how apps harnessing nostalgia like Instagram and Hipstamatic are holding back the next evolution of technology.

Other stories leaked from today's 404 episode: Wasting time in the digital divide, restaurants building interactive tablets into dining tables, the world's first "noise-cancelling" restaurant, lifejacking spammers, and a look at the social networking side of the Stanley Cup finals.

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Episode 1,064


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