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The 404 1,061: Where we're in too deep (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: The Facebook Cops of College sports, why so many men are complete losers, and the best way to pay tribute to American soldiers this Memorial Day.

Stupid Andy helps us round out the week before the three-day holiday, and our favorite way to pay tribute to the soldiers is by getting choked up at YouTube videos of soldiers reuniting with their dogs. The ones with their families are pretty good, too.

Changing gears: have movies like like "Failure to Launch," "Hall Pass," and "Old School" raised a generation of slacker men unable to distinguish between fantasy and reality? Do sensational video games have an adverse affect on childhood learning that leads to a higher rate of attention problems in young men?

Since Andy is a proud representative of such a generation, we'll ask him to chime in on this article in the Huffington Post claiming that conflicting messages from media, parents, institutions, and peers is distorting young men's idea of acceptable male behavior.

Bathroom break video: Pogo stick fail

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