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The 404 1,060: Where we break through the clusterzuck (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: New York tries to unmask anonymous commenters, Yahoo launches a "browser within a browser," and Hollywood answers our prayers for a Rufio prequel!

James's cat Salt enjoys watching The 404 and basketball games, on occasion. CNET/The 404

Now that the Internet isn't flooded with Facebook IPO news, we can move on to more breaking news, like Hollywood finally answering our prayers for a Hook prequel that tells the Rufio origin story.

That's right, the original actor who played Rufio, Dante Basco, recently announced in an interview that a Rufio prequel film is in the works under the directing eye of Rpin Suwannath. Maybe we'll finally get to the bottom of how he got those fabulous red tights.

We'll also take a closer look at the Internet Protection Act proposed for New York that wants to reveal the identity of anyone posting "baseless political attacks" on the Internet. There's a argument for the 1st Amendment to be made here, and while we don't personally think it'll pass, it's worth noting the possible conspiracy theories behind the proposal.

Thanks to all the listeners who sent in pictures of their podcast-loving pets! Our favorite is this picture of James's cat Salt glaring menacingly at Jeff's face, but there's also Greg's dog Lucy aka the official mascot of The 404, Emily's cranky cat Deeders, Kelsey's Greek tortoise Mr. Tibbles, Nick's Shih Tzu blocking his view, and Deejay's 8-year-old Pomeranian, Hero Slaughterpuff!

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