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The 404 1,053: Where we'll never pay for that (podcast)

Leaked from today's podcast episode: Fort Lee, New Jersey, bans texting while walking, Facebook flirts with fees, and the new batch of MacBooks lost a lot of weight.

Would you pay $2 if you knew that every single one of your Facebook friends would be exposed to your status update? The social network may soon give an eBay-esque highlight ability to those with the most disposable income, and some users in New Zealand already have access. But what could be so important that you'd pay to spam your friends? Let us know in the comments.

The police force in Fort Lee, New Jersey, is so tired of distracted pedestrians clicking on their phones that they've made it illegal to send a text message while walking. Sources in Fort Lee just started issuing tickets after one of the largest crackdowns on jaywalking in the borough -- more than 117 jaywalkers have already been arrested, but now legislators are honing in on texting pedestrians, many of which are responsible for accidents involving cars and public property.

We're running low on video voice mails, so record a YouTube video of yourself saying hello and e-mail the link to the404(at) and we'll put it on the air!

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