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The 404 1,051: Where we were big in the '90s (podcast)

Leaked from today's episode: Facebook death patrols, ink cartridge scams go a step further, your Mom using a bed, Carmageddon revisited, and butt dialing 911.

Today we'll take a critical look at the way people respond to celebrity deaths in the wake of Maurice Sendak, Adam Yauch, and Vidal Sassoon. We'll take you through the five typical stages of "grief" based on what Vice Magazine calls the Facebook Death Patrol.

We also have some bad news to report to children of millennials: your parents are still getting it on, and they're probably using a smartphone at the same time. A survey from Meredith's Parent Network questioned 1,000 moms born between 1977 and 1994 and found that 21 percent of them used their smartphones in the bathroom, while an astounding 12 percent admitted to using them in coitus! Sorry if we just ruined your day, kids.

After the break, we'll dive into a discussion about the gulch of the Internet and whether or not Internet users are legally responsible for the images that appear on their screens.

It stems from a New York Court of Appeals case that closed on Tuesday concerning a college IT office that found images of child pornography stored in the cache of a professor's computer. His actions are obviously deplorable, but should some kind of affirmative act be required (in the form of clicking a download button o print button) to show that one actively sought out the images?

Tune in for the verdict.

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