The 404 1,045: Where we're outed on Facebook (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Facebook pranks, the decline of Draw Something, the next Call of Duty: Blacks Ops game, and Calls From the Public!

We love Facebook pranks as much as the next guys, but not when it's coming from an anonymous source at Best Buy. As if we needed another reason not to step foot in the big blue retailer, we read this story about a Best Buy employee that posted a phony Facebook status update on a customer's phone. The message declared, "I am gay, I'm coming out," but there's one problem: the customer is straight.

Next we're looking at the rise and fall of Draw Something, the formerly addictive Pictionary rip-off that netted OMGPOP and its 40 employees about $200 million dollars. As it turns out, Zynga is likely regretting their purchase already, as the number of gamers playing Draw Something has dwindled from its peak at 15 million players a day down to just 10 million.

Are smartphone games doomed to be disposable from the start, or can developers learn from successful series games like Angry Birds? We'll explore this on today's episode, along with more stories about the new Call of Duty: Black Ops II trailer, the forthcoming Walking Dead game and as handful of Calls From the Public!

Bathroom break video: Val Kilmer losing his glasses

Episode 1,045

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