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The 404 1,038: Where you're going to want to sit down for this (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Crusty Craigslist gets a makeover, husbands get son'd, and who really benefits from these stand-up work desks?


Crusty Craigslist may finally be getting an update based on this job listing for a senior user-interface engineer, so Jeff and I are brainstorming the features we think Craig should incorporate in CL2.0.

Jeff likes to indulge in the art of self-reflection, and a friendly chat about Blu-ray discs this weekend inspires him to question the value of physical discs and their jewel cases. On that note, what is the best way to display a collection? Is it on...what are they called again? Oh yeah, towers? A discussion on subtle self-promotion follows.

Next we'll talk about the dangers of sitting and a study out of Australia that shows people who sit more than 11 hours a day are 45 percent more likely to die in the next three years than their active counterparts that sit less than four hours a day. Confused? Get off your butt a few times a day and you'll be fine.

Finally, it's no surprise that Google maintains a dossier on each of its users, but what information can wireless providers extract from your phone calls and text messages? The answer is "the same, if not more," according to a story in the Los Angeles Times that claims women's focus shifts from their spouse to their adult daughter as they age, demoting husbands' familial popularity down to second place or lower.

And finally, just to even the playing field, we'll also relay yet another study that says women are twice as likely to accidentally hit the gas pedal by mistake while driving on freeways in North Caroline and beyond. As we tell this story, please remember that The 404 merely reports the news, and these statements don't necessarily reflect a modicum of seriousness on our behalf...you know, as usual.

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