The 404 1,027: Where every Friday should be this good (podcast)

Zach gives us a firsthand account of Grouper, a startup that organizes a group blind date in New York City for you and two of your most adventurous friends.


Our special guest today is CNETer Zach W., but longtime 404 listeners may recognize him as the voice behind Tina Schwartz, our weekly visitor on Tuna Tuesdays. He joins us today as our ad-hoc social correspondent with a firsthand account of Grouper, a newish startup that uses Facebook to set up a group blind date between two groups of friends: three guys and three girls.

Zach takes us through the sign-up process, the criteria that he chooses for his wingmen, and the actual experience of going online to meet someone offline. If you've ever been curious about what goes on during an online date, definitely check out today's episode of The 404.

If you like what you hear, come back next week for another batch of awesome shows -- upcoming guests include Aunt Jill Schlesinger next Wednesday and filmmaker Morgan Spurlock next Friday the 13th!

Bathroom break video: Dis is how we do track in Hawaii.

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Episode 1,027

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