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The 404 1,024: Where winter comes a little late this year (podcast)

Leaked from today's podcast: "Game of Thrones," Kinect Star Wars review, Akham City DLC rumors, and death metal voice warmups!


We're believers: WINTER IS COMING. Technically I guess it arrived a year ago, but Jeff and I are finally catching up to the "Game of Thrones" hype and spend the first few minutes of today's episode discussing the George R. R. Martin books and the anachronisms of the show.

The reviews are in for Microsoft Kinect Star Wars and nobody is impressed with the glitchy gameplay and a story that seems to appeal more to kids than fans of the original movies. With years of anticipation in the making, Jeff echoes the fans in the galaxy that feel the game comes up short in terms of motion-sensing gameplay and justice to the story. Also, when did Han Solo get so loose?

Finally, we'll also discuss rumors about Batman: Arkham City players may finally get their wish to play as Robin in an upcoming story-based DLC. According to IGN UK and PS3 Trophies, 10 new in-game challenges will be called "Harley's Revenge," one of which asks players to use "5 different Quickfire gadgets" in a fight as the heroic young ward.

We'll wait until the second half of the show to bring up a topic that's close to both our childhood memories: local arcades disappearing from cities. An article in Ars Technica examines the disappearing video arcade culture in the lens of a new indie documentary called "100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade Experience," which tries to determine why arcades in Japan have seen more success than here in the states.

Creator Brad Crawford attributes some of the East's success with arcades to the country's train-based transportation culture and the limited space that kids have in their homes to host big gaming parties, essentially pushing them out into public arcades to hang out and have fun.

Bathroom break video: Death metal voice warmups.

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