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The 404 1,021: Where we're laced with Cinavia (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404 episode: Next PlayStation supposedly locks out used games, is fake, putting an end to Cinavia DRM, and Spike Lee's Twitter goof.


Stupid Andy sits in the guest seat and he has a bone to pick with Cinavia today. I'm warning you that this discussion is technically the first time we've nerded out about DRM systems so hard, but it's relevant in terms of resale, personal file backups, and the rumor that the next PlayStation console won't allow used games.

We also want to talk about the mob mentality of Twitter and how Spike Lee violated its ToS, not to mention his personal stock, in re-tweeting an address he thought belonged to George Zimmerman. In reality, his 240,000 followers received coordinates to a residence belonging to an elderly Floridian couple that weren't thrilled about the subsequent death threats.

Other stories from today's rundown include a study claiming 33 is the best age, elephants playing smartphone games, and we'll also get to the bottom of

Episode 1,021


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