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The 404 1,017: Where Jeff has 30 problems (podcast)

Russ Frushtick tells us about his new gig at Vox Media and we talk about the current state of video game journalism.

The 404

Russ Frushtick is truly the Steve Martin of The 404 co-hosts, but we keep asking him back because well, someone has to talk about video games with Jeff, and it's not me. Speaking of, don't forget to wish Mubakalar a happy 30th birthday tomorrow, because this one's going to hurt.

There's lots to talk about with Russ, and first in the rundown is the ending to Mass Effect 3 and the secrets revealed this week about who signed off on it.

We'll also get Russ's take on ethics in gaming journalism and the future of the industry with regard to the new Apple iPad.

Leaked from 404 Podcast 1,017:

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Episode 1,017


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