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The 404 1,007: Where hey, it's the '90s (podcast)

Is the new 4G logo popping up on the latest iOS 5.1 update deceiving to users who think they're getting true 4G speeds on an HSPA+ phone? Find out on today's episode of The 404 Podcast.


On today's show, you'll learn how Apple is manipulating the naming devices of network technology to convince users they're getting "4G" speeds, the final sale of the original house in the "Home Alone" movies, and how something called "The QWERTY effect" can spot nuances in language.

We're also giving away five codes for the game Mighty Switch Force for the Nintendo 3DS. To enter, just add The 404, Jeff, and Justin on Twitter and tweet us your favorite 404 episode from 2012 with #4043DS. We'll select five winners at random on Monday!

Leaked from 404 Podcast 1,007:

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Episode 1,007

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