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The 3G iPhone: It's already here

Will the 3G iPhone be worth the hype? I think so. Here's why.

Forbes is reporting that Apple's new 3G iPhone has hit the docks in Oakland and is set to be unveiled at the imminent Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. This is interesting but mostly old news.

What is truly intriguing is the research Forbes and others have been doing to glean information about the device, from reading shipping logs to mileage counts on Steve Jobs' jet.

Is the device worth the hype? Well, I became a convert to the current iPhone by accident, and it has been a hugely fortunate accident. I get more done and can type much faster on the iPhone than I ever did on my Blackberry (and I was pretty fast on the 'Berry). With 3G and GPS, the 3G iPhone should be incredible, especially if reports are true that AT&T will be subsidizing it by $200.

That and a decent international roaming plan will make the 3G iPhone as close to manna as humanly possible.