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The $27,000 AT&T bill for watching the Chicago Bears

A man aboard a cruise ship in Miami watched his beloved Chicago Bears using his laptop and wireless card. The bill? $27,000.

Last November, Wayne Burdick was on a cruise ship docked in Miami when he suddenly said to himself: "I wonder how my beloved, infuriating, ugly-quarterbacked Chicago Bears are doing?"

So he got out his wireless card, opened his laptop, unleashed his Slingbox and began to pray. Surprisingly, the Bears beat the Detroit Lions 27-23.

As his ship sailed to the Caribbean, Wayne Burdick's heart was lighter than Joaquin Phoenix's sense of humor. On his return, his pockets were lighter too.

Because AT&T sent him a bill for $27,788.93. You know why it did that, don't you? Yes, it accused him of truly egregious behavior. No, not watching the Bears, but roaming.

Don't they look as if they're worth $27,000 to you? CC Back Garage

Mr. Burdick channeled his best Mike Singletary and spent much time roaming around the customer service departments of AT&T. Even though he could prove that he was on that cruise ship and therefore still technically in Miami, he succeeded only in getting the bill down to $6,000.

So he contacted the "Chicago Sun-Times". With the paper's intervention, AT&T decided that Mr. Burdick must have been receiving an errant signal.

Either that, or he must have been pestering them so much and persuaded a newspaper to take on the case that perhaps it would have been an errant signal for the company to pursue the matter further.