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The 20 worst VC flameouts (and 4300 other dead companies from the past 17 years)

90% of startups will fail

Nothing like a little dose of harsh reality in the morning.

InsideCRM has a list of what it thinks are the twenty worst VC investments of all time. I'm not really sure why InsideCRM would be the expert on this, it's still pretty interesting.

1. Amp'd Mobile: $360 million raised, ended in bankruptcy.
2. Procket: $272 million, sold for $89 million.
3. Webvan: Valued at $1.2 billion, went bankrupt in 2001. Ate through $800 million in venture capital, ended with $830 million in losses.

For even more depressing fun, check out the massive list of 4300 companies that Private Equity Hub put together. They even made an XLS you can download and sort! Sadly, none of the 3 companies I worked for during the boom/bust rank that highly as duds. If there is one thing that keeps me motivated it's to keep my company off these lists.