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The $150 question: 8GB Creative Zen or 4GB iPod Nano?

Creative just lowered the prices on all Zen portable media players: you can now get the 8GB model for the same price as a 4GB Nano.


That headline is my offhand way of mentioning that Creative just dropped Zen prices: You can now get the 8GB model for just $150, the same price as Apple's 4GB Nano. If that's your budget for a portable media player, which one should you choose?

It's practically a no-brainer: the Zen has a larger screen (2.5 inches), an FM tuner, twice the storage, and an SD card slot for adding even more storage. On the other hand, the Nano is way slimmer and sexier, and iTunes offers a much broader selection of TV, movies, audiobooks, etc., than Amazon Unbox (the main place to get such content for the Zen).

Still can't decide? Check out CNET's reviews: The Zen scored an 8.3 out of 10, while the Nano came close with an 8.0. So they're both winners, but you obviously get a lot more bang for the buck from the Zen. Think Apple will respond with its own price reduction?