That's a phone in my pocket, but I'm still happy to see you

Meet Lynn, CNET's new associate editor for cell phone and smartphones reviews.


Hello readers!

Josh Miller

I'm Lynn, and I am the new associate editor for phone reviews at CNET. I'm so thankful to be able to write and report for you guys about all things mobile. The people at CNET run a great operation, and I'm excited to be working for a site whose readers are a passionate bunch.

I've been interested in technology for a very long time. My father is a hardware engineer, so you can blame him for that. My hands can get pretty grabby whenever a great pair of headphones or a camera lens is nearby. (Because I really like them, not because I steal things. That would be illegal.)

My love for the latest and greatest tech gadgets extends especially to phones. I remember when smartphones were making their way around a handful of years ago; I tried to smash my obsolete candy bar-ish phone to the floor in hopes of getting an upgrade. Unfortunately, it was a Nokia and those things are built like bricks. After leaving a crater in my driveway, my little Nokia 7373 hung on a couple of more months until it finally relented.

Although I love my current smartphone, I do miss that Nokia from time to time. Not only was it reliable, but it was also a nifty looking phone in my opinion. Go ahead, Google Image it. See? The brown one is at least, not the pink one.

Aside from fussing around with doohickeys, I also enjoy bothering my dog while he tries to sleep, beating people at table tennis, and giggling at the word doohickey.

Again, it's great to be working at CNET. I'll also be attending CES this year, so stay tuned for my coverage! And you can follow my Twitter.

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