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That voodoo that you do so well

That voodoo that you do so well

And by that we mean, how well high-end system vendors are aggressively mainstreaming the Media Center experience. And more power to them, because with TiVo's recent flakey behavior, it seems like media-minded consumers will want to be even more empowered to take charge of their content libraries.

VoodooPC, maker of high-end gaming systems, just announced its latest entry in the high-end Media Center field, the Voodoo Aria HTPC Media Center. The Aria, based on an AMD Turion 64 processor, is a fairly standard-looking rack-mounted Media Center, except for the addition of a small touch-screen LCD built right into the front of the system. If you've ever tried to tweak your video card settings while your rig was plugged into a television, you know how useful that could be.

Other benefits touted include silent operation, a DVD archiving system for saving movies to your hard drive (wonder how the MPAA is going to feel about that), and a healthy starting price tag of $3,550.